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The Mega Breeze Portable Evaporative Cooling System from R & R Glass Works is a portable evaporative cooler that works by drawing hot air over water-saturated pads and blowing clean, filtered air up to 25 degrees cooler than the room's temperature!

The Mega Breeze is ideal to use when air conditioning is either not practical or not possible. The Mega Breeze is perfect for your industrial, agricultural, commercial, and personal applications!

• Weight: 195 lbs.

• Height: 58 inches

• Width: 60.5 inches

• Motor: .5 HP (120V or 60 HZ)

• Output: 10,500 cu/ft. per min.

Imagine how much more comfortable you'll feel with the Mega Breeze, instead of using a fan to simply blow the same hot air around! The Portable Evaporative Cooling System also filters your air as it is cooled, removing dust and other contaminates!


You'll SAVE on cooling costs with the Mega Breeze as the Portable Evaporative Cooling System operates at about 1/6 of the cost of traditional air conditioning. Simply plug into a 120-volt outlet, attach a hose, or fill the 30-gallon water reservoir, and wait until the pads are wet to flip on the fan. Then enjoy amazingly cool, clean air!


If you work in a warehouse setting, the Mega Breeze is your ideal product. Who feels like working in 90-100 degree heat in the summer? The 10,500 cubic feet per minute output fan efficiently blows a large volume of cool air to keep you comfortable!

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